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Our team has been serving the Roanoke Valley and surrounding areas for over 20 years. Most likely you have been referred to us by your insurance company because they know you will be well taken care of. But whether you have come to us directly or you have been referred to us by one of our many friends in the area, we will get you back in your home the quickest way possible.

Our focus is three-fold:

  • Full Restoration: As a Restoration AND Reconstruction company, we are equipped to mitigate water, fire and smoke damage AS WELL AS reconstruct your living space to your desired specifications. Regardless of how much damage there is, the upside is that there is always an opportunity for reconstruction for a more desirable living arrangement. Our team will work hand in hand with you and your insurance company to determine what is best in your instance for your family. We are a full-fledge construction company and we can handle any job you have, large or small. 
  • "Stress Mitigation": We work with your insurance adjusters, sub-contractors, and material suppliers for you so that you don't have to. There are few things more stressful than having a disaster thrust upon your life. But we know that contractors and insurance companies alike have a tendency toward forgetting that this is all incredibly stressful. Having been in this area for so long that we have built working relationships with many of the local insurance providers in the area and are equipped to work with you and your family to provide the services you need to ease the impact of your circumstances. Going through a disaster is hard enough; we aim to offer services that will not only mitigate the damage done to your home, but also the stress that often comes when working with insurance and contractors. 
  • Quality Services in a Timely Manner: Getting back to normal as quickly as possible is always the goal when disaster interrupts our lives. Unfortunately, we know all too well that the timeframes of insurance companies and contractors rarely meet our hopes. To work through these difficult times, we work to get your approval on any, and all options you have for the reconstruction as soon as possible to streamline our services for your home. No one wants the inconvenience of a disaster to drag on in their lives, so we work closely with homeowners and insurance companies to get the work done right the first time as quickly as possible. 


Phone Call Mitigation    Repair Estimate    Selection Sheet  Basic Construction  Reconstruction


Phone Call: In our line of work, we know that we need to get the details to resolve your issue in a time sensitive way. Most of those who call us before they reach out to their insurance companies find that we can get the immediate needs resolved while helping you to know what your next steps should be with your insurance company. 


Mitigation: Water causes major damage, quickly! When you need us most, we are here! In most cases, a disaster caused by water (pipe bursting, water line damage, etc.) means you need to get the water removed immediately! That is where we come in! Our job is to remove all the water and get things dried out ASAP. Surprisingly, many of our jobs also come from Fire and Storm Damage. Fire damage is typically followed by water damage from fire fighters' efforts to get the fire under control. While storm damage leaves construction damage, holes in the roof can often lead to additional water damage which needs to be addressed.


Repair Estimate: Everyone gets worried over the cost of damages done during a disaster, but really, most if not all is most likely going to be taken care of by your insurance company as long as you have trustworthy contractors who aren't going to cut corners in their estimates. Insurance companies are most often fair, but they depend on certain language to know what has happened in your instance. We work to meet both insurance requirements and your family's needs as a liaison. Since most of our work is insurance based, we recognize the needs on both sides.


Selection Sheet: When we talk with you about your repair estimate, we are going to give you what is called a "Selection Sheet" which will allow you options and costs associated with your reconstruction. You get to pick out your carpet color and roofing shingles and any other options that may be involved in your reconstruction. We make it simple and straight-forward. There are always going to be options. You will have a clear understanding of the cost of materials that will be covered, and you can always choose to spend extra if you want to upgrade. Typically, insurance covers all of what is lost, and you cover anything extra you would like to gain in the process. 


Basic Construction: Base Boards, Roof Trusses, Subfloor, Drywall, etc. Often, we already know what sorts of work we can get started on as you are making your choices for the detailed reconstruction. We maintain all the material costs and any sub-contractors needed to prepare your home for the final details of reconstruction. 


Reconstruction: This is where we complete your project with all the details you have given us on your Selection Sheet and afterwards you get your home back to normal and continue with life. This will include installs of cabinets, flooring, paint, and ceilings as well as any other details that are involved in your project! Once this is completed, we are out of your hair and you have your home back in order!



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